Application of Student Group Insurance Year 2016& Year2017 (Cathay Insurance)


Year 2015 Insurance Duration:  8/1/2014~7/31/2015
Year 2016 Insurance Duration:  8/1/2015~7/31/2016
Year 2017 Insurance Duration:  8/1/2016~7/31/2017





ApplicantsStudents studying in all majors, including all graduate programs, Bachelor (Day) Programs, Bachelor of Continuing Education and Technical Colleges) and students taking leave-of-absence as long as they pay premiums.  




ClaimsStudents can file claims on incidents of illness, injuries caused by accidents, hospitalization, surgeries, clinic treatments, disabilities, and even death within two years of the occurrences. To file claims, students should present Medical documents, diagnosis & prescriptions, and other related information at the Guidance Section desk.  





Regarding insurance premiumFor every student the yearly payment is $190 NTD for School Year 2017. The supplement from MOE for every student is $100 NT. Students’ premium is added to the Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees and shown on the Payment Slip. For students taking Leave-of-Absence, the premium is optional. They can decide either way to fit their needs. If a termination of the policy is called for in due course, students can request a discontinuation by presenting the receipt along with an affidavit at the desk of the Guidance Section before October 31, for Fall semester; and March 31 for Spring semester. Simultaneously, MOE will hold back the supplement.





Process (References: Guidelines)



Claims Request Forms(Webpage Links)



1. Claim Form – Student Group Insurance



 (Cathay, Incidents occur before 8/1/2014)



2.Report on injuries from accidents



Related Documents



1.Statement of Diagnosis



2.Official Receipt and its photo copies (Seals of the Medical Institute is required)



3.Beneficiary’s Passbook of a bank or Post Office



4.X-ray films or CDsEvidence of fractures.



First time filing claims for Cancer, biopsy report is required.



Filing claim for Death: Death Certificate, household record with the dead person’s entry stricken out , and a relationship verification of the beneficiary are required. If parents are the beneficiary, the application form should bear the names and account information of the parents. The completed application form should be submitted along with a photo copy of their bank passbook.





Content of Insurance(Click to find out)



Year 2013, the contract of Student Group Insurance

Year 2014, the contract of Student Group Insurance

Year 2015, the contract of Student Group Insurance

Year 2016, the contract of Student Group Insurance



Pocket-size chart of fractures and daily compensations (Ageon)

Chart of Payments and Compensations(Cathay)


Reception Offices

TamSui CampusGeneral Affairs Office B418or Guidance Sec. B402
     Taipei CampusOffice D106
     Lan Yang CampusGeneral Affairs Office Room CL312





Processing and Funding: It takes four weeks to process with complete information. The role of the office on campus is merely a reception desk. Any inquiry upon how far along the case is, the filing individual should check with the responsible insurance agency.


Contact Information


Guidance Section, Tel(02)2621-5656 Ext. 2217 or 2817 Mr. Lee Ji Siang, Ms. Yang Ya Chun


Room B402, Guidance Section, TKU

No. 151 Yin Juang Road, TamSui District

New Taipei City, 251 Taiwan, ROC





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AgentMs. Chiu Pei Chin : 0936-929733  Mr. Liao Min Sing : 0988-702119